Depending on the purpose, Armstrong Energy recommend and stock a variety of cleaners, primers and adhesives suited to industrial applications.

Araldite® K138

Suitable for bonding where the use of a hot-setting adhesive is not possible.  K138 is easy to mix and apply, has good gap filling properties, excellent resistance to chemicals and is solvent free.  Heat resistant up to 120°C and cures at 5 - 100°C.

Weld on® P-70™

An industrial grade, low VOC emission, non-bodied and fast-acting primer.  P-70™ is strong and aggressive, as it rapidly softens and dissolves PVC and CPVC jointing surfaces, such as pipes and fittings. The main function of this primer is to penetrate and soften surfaces, to create strong and well-fused joints.

Rema SC2000 Cement and Hardener

A cold vulcanising cement SC2000 together with the UTR20 Hardener allows rubbers such as neoprene and SBR, to be bonded to a variety of materials. These include rubber, concrete or steel, without the aid of heat, pressure or special equipment. High strength adhesion is ideal for use in lining installations, as well as the splicing and repair of fabric conveyor belting.

3M™Hi-strength Spray Adhesive

A high strength, fast setting contact adhesive ideal for laminates, particleboard, SBR rubber and plastics including polypropylene and polyurethane. Long term heat resistance to 73°C.

Loctite® 770 Primer

Used as an adhesion promoter for Loctite® instant adhesives (such as Loctite® 406 and Loctite® 424) on hard to bond plastics and thermoplastic elastomers including Teflon® (PTFE).

Loctite® 406 Instant Adhesive

Designed for bonding plastic and elastomeric materials, where fast fixing is required.  Particularly suited for bonding a wide variety of materials such as metals, plastics, elastomers, paper, leather, cork, fabric, wood, chromate plated parts etc..  Has high thermal performance and provides a fast cure even in challenging environments.  Suitable for temperatures ranging from -40°C to +120°C.

Loctite® 424 Instant Adhesive

Low viscosity and is well suited for use with Loctite® 770 Primer to bond plastics, rubbers, polyolefins and metals.  Loctite® 424 is a colourless and transparent adhesive and can be used in temperatures of -40°c to +80°C.

Epirez Epoxy Electrical Maintenance Kit

A versatile expoxy based electrical maintenance system, which is easy to use, safe and convenient with electrical insulating properties. Epirez is suitable for encapsulating and protecting electronic components, environmental protection of electric motor coils and windings, splicing communication, control and power transmission cables.

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