Mica is commonly used in thermal and electrical applications due to its excellent electrical, thermal and mechanical stability. Mica products are often combined with a range of backing or composite materials, to improve mechanical strength or handling suitability.

Main Characteristics

  • High dielectric strength

  • Low electric loss

  • High surface and volume resistance

  • Excellent thermal stability

  • High shear and tensile strength

  • Inert to the action of water, acids, alkalies, oils and solvents

  • Fireproof and non-inflammable

  • Unaffected by temperatures from 640˚C to 880˚C

  • Resistant to the oxidising action of electrical discharges

Available forms include sheet, tube, roll or tape.  

Mica products include Cogetherm®, Cogemica®, Hi-Temp Flexible Cogemicanite®, Cogefoil®, Silicone flexible mica plate, alkyd vinyl moulding plate, shellac moulding plate, polyester flexible Mica plate, Worg/DVIC Mica segment plate.

Typical Applications

  • Stove windows

  • Boiler and gauge packings

  • Fillers

  • Lubricants

  • Absorbent materials

  • Packing materials

  • Dusting powders

  • Varnish Filler

  • Furnace components

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