Available in rod, tube and sheet forms which can be cut or custom machined to customer requirements.

Standard Grades:

Ertalon® SA 6
Ertalon® SA 66
Ertalon® 6 PLA

Special Grades:

Ertalon® 4.6
Ertalon® LFX
Nylatron GSM


Ertalon and Nylatron are used for a wide range of industrial components both for original equipment manufacturing (OEM) and maintenance.  
Typical applications include:

  • High load bearings

  • Wear pads

  • Support and guide wheels

  • Conveyor and tension rollers

  • Buffer pads

  • Gears

Main Characteristics

  • High mechanical strength, stiff, hard and tough

  • Good fatigue resistance

  • High mechanical damping ability

  • Good sliding properties

  • Excellent wear resistance

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