Seals and Packing

Armstrong Energy specialises in manufacturing non-standard packings and seals from elastomer and engineering plastics including:

  • EPDM

  • Neoprene

  • Nitrile

  • Urethane

  • Viton

A standard range of seals and packings are also stocked, allowing for a fast turn around.

Standard range of seals and packings include:

  • Customised and Standard Seal Kits

  • Double and Single Acting Seals

  • Felt seals

  • Machined Seals

  • Reciprocating seals

  • Rod Seals

  • Rod Wipers

  • Rotary seals

  • Teadit packing

  • Wear Rings

Our seals are used extensively in:

The power industry
Coal conveyors
Ash and soot disposal
Switch gear

The drilling and mining industry
Swivel seals
Housing seals on pumps
Reciprocating seals on pumps
Rotary seals on pumps
Hydraulic seals
Pneumatic seals

The oil and gas industry
Hydraulic and pneumatic seals
Cementing pump seals
Reciprocating pump seals
Valve seals and seal kits
Static pipe seals

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